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Professional DVD


Retail & Rental Shops, Resorts, School Groups, Marketing & Network Activities, Snow Sport Clubs, Tour Operators, Training for Resort and Shop Employees

The DVDs contains (2) main 12 minute programs and (10) 3 minute tracks for skiers and snowboarders which include: what to wear on snow, boot fitting, a guide to the rental process and using equipment, tips for using the lifts, and information on taking lessons from a professional. All tracks are programmed to loop automatically and include captions (for silent play).

The Program Covers:

What to Wear on Snow - overview of clothing, protective gear, and dressing for snow sports. Program encourages new participants to invest in gear that will keep them warm and comfortable.

Guidelines for Renting Gear - explains the rental process and how to complete paperwork including determining skier type, how to use ski and snowboard bindings, how to put on ski and snowboard boots, how to carry equipment, and instructions for using the snowboard leash. DVD also includes instructions for getting started on snow, how to use equipment and how to get up from a sitting position.

Boot Fitting Tips for Comfort & Performance - specific instructions and detailed images that describe how to put on boots and determine a good fit.

Learning from a Pro - overview of snow sport lessons - encourages new participants to take lessons, and shows images of new skiers and riders during their first days on snow. Includes general snow sport school information, which can be applied to any resort

Tips for Using the Lifts - provides an overview of using chairlifts

Professional DVD
Retail Sales Display
Retail Sales DVD (includes display case)
Area Specific DVD (Customized for your Business)
Snowboard Poster Ski Poster


SIZES: 8.5 X 11 AND 24 X 36

Folded PamphletsSuggested Use:

  • Counter Tops
  • Rental clip boards
  • Boot fitting areas
  • Rental shops
  • Retail sales


    SIZE: FOLDED: 4 1/4 x 3 12 OPEN: 14 X 8 1/2

    How to put on boots and prepare for skiing or snowboarding, how to use ski and snowboard equipment, recommendations for taking snow sport lessons and a copy of the Responsibility Code.

    New Riders Pamphlet New Skiers Pamphlet


    Here's what the industry insiders have to say about Gearing To Go Guide:

    "The New Skiers Gearing To Go Guide is a must have tool for the rental operator and ski school director. By providing a clear view of what to expect, new skier's fears will be reduced as well as their confusion. Anyone looking to provided their customers with a better experience in the rental or ski school environment should consider adding the New Skiers Gearing To Go Guide to their programs."
    --William McSherry, 2004 Product Manager for Head Tyrolia Wintersport

    For years the industry has identified that new skiers need information, special attention and handling to overcome the high drop-out rate. Heidi's program is the first to address these needs and provide the information that every new skier can benefit from.
    --Steve Hanft, Site Risk Manager for Big Bear Mountain Resorts.

    Heidi Ettlinger's Gearing To Go Guide & DVD provide first time skiers with basic information necessary to make their experience enjoyable. In recognizing the need for first timers to have access to information, Gearing To Go is a great step forward in promoting the sport of skiing to the general public.
    --Michael Allen, Director for Ski Schools of Heavenly

    The New Skiers Gearing to Go Guide is the most effective education aid I have seen addressing the questions that most first time skiers have. I have found the chapter on how a rental boot fits to be especially helpful.
    --Sam Brede, Carvers-Ski, Board & Sport,






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